Cody Howell Cody Howell


To put it simply, I'm a restless transplant. My lifestyle has taken me from the fjords of New Zealand to rural fishing villages in obscure Alaska. Though not always feeling like what I'd gotten myself into was necessarily beneficial to the goals I had set for myself, I've come to find out the benefits of knowing how to drive a 30ft truck, work on my feet for 16hr days, have fun with kids and make them feel comfortable, tie a bow tie and change a spare tire all to get the shot.

I've also had the pleasure to work with businesses in their infancy and see them grow and develop into impactful, successful enterprises utilizing the logistical and artistic skills i've learned. I love seeing businesses and individuals grow into their success and hope to aid them in that.

My personal work includes fine art landscapes and portraits that capture the beauty and stillness that I've been fortunate to experience in the great outdoors.